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Post Falls Dentists Not all Post Falls dentists are as friendly, skilled, and professional as Dr. Whitney Frank. She specializes on a wide range of family and child dentistry services, including preventative care, teeth whitening, teeth extraction, and regular dental cleanings. Request an appointment through her website and we will get in touch with you soon.

Losing your teeth is part of the aging process. But don’t worry—you can still get your smile back with the help of Post Falls dentists. Whether you have lost some of your teeth because of old age or because of an accident, a failed dental treatment, or decay, you always have a choice. Discuss your options with a good dentist to know which one is best for you.
One of your options is getting dentures. The problem with this apparatus is that it tends to slip and slide, making it hard to eat and talk. Another option is bridging. The issue with bridging is that the neighboring teeth will have to be thinned down to fit the bridge. And if there are no neighboring teeth, this procedure cannot be done. One of the best options these days are dental implants. They may cost more but they are certainly the more permanent choice. When done well, dental implants can truly resemble your real teeth and can make you feel as though you truly have your old teeth back.
Consult with Post Falls dentists so you can decide option is the best one for you. You can talk to our dentist, Dr. Frank, who has years of experience in general and pediatric dentistry. Our clinic is dedicated in providing first class care to all of our patients. For more information, you can call us at 208-773-1559 or you can fill up the enquiry form here on our website.
Post Falls Dentists
Whitney M. Frank DDS
801 E Medical Ct Post Falls, Idaho 83854 United States

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